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Whether you want to convert passive to active voice or you want to check grammar, spelling, punctuation or other common grammatical mistakes, this active passive voice converter tool is best for you.

What is a Passive to Active Voice

It’s important to understand what exactly is passive and active voice and everyone should know at least the basic rules of active and passive voice. In an Active voice, the subject performs the action. He/she is the doer of the action. It is a straightforward relationship between the subject and the verb. So, we can say that a verb is in the active voice when the subject is the doer of the action that is expressed by the verb.

Whereas, in a Passive voice, the subject receives the action that is expressed by the verb. Therefore, we can say that the verb is passive when the subject of the verb is acted upon. 

The Passive to Active Voice Converter Online Free Tool makes it very easy to understand passive and active voice and make accurate passive and active voice sentences.

active to passive voice converter tool

Free Active Passive Voice Converter Tool

The Passive Voice and Active Voice converter tool is widely used by people from all professions. The correct use of passive voice is highly needed in all the domains. Get ready to take benefit of numerous features and capabilities that will make your piece of text awesome. Some of the important features of the active voice changer tool are highlighted below.

Fast and Efficient

The active to passive voice converter tool gives corrective suggestions within a matter of seconds and is highly efficient in converting or analysing large chinks of information.

Easy to Use

The professional active voice changer tool is very convenient to use by everyone. One can easily use this tool in the three easy steps mentioned below and make their content awesome

Additional Options

This tool not only helps to change active voice into passive voice but can also check other common grammatical errors like plagiarism, punctuation, verb, spelling etc.

How to Use Passive to Active Voice Detector Tool

The active voice to passive voice converter tool is convenient for all age groups and people of all professions. Whether you are a lawyer, an HR, a professor, or a researcher, the active to passive voice converter tool is very useful for all of you. The passive voice to active voice converter tool free can be used easily in the following manner.

Copy and Paste Text

The first step is the easiest one. Just copy the text you want to change to active voice and paste it into the blank box given on the active to passive converter tool. You can either copy and paste the whole text or you can upload a file.

Error Detection

Next, you just have to hit the enter button to start the error detection process. By doing this, the passive voice to active voice converter tool online free would highlight the incorrect text with the help of predefined grammatical rules in the software.

Corrective Suggestion

Lastly, the active voice changer tool automatically suggests corrective suggestions. You can just click/hover on the highlighted or underlined text to get the solution. The active to passive tool gives the option to correct verb, spelling, punctuation and other common grammatical errors one could make.

How does our passive and active voice converter work?

Let’s talk about how our passive and active voice converter works, and why it’s so important to have a tool that can help you find the right voice for your writing.

The goal of any writer is to make their writing clear and easy to understand, but sometimes that’s harder than it seems. Sometimes, you’re working in the passive voice when you really should be using the active voice, or maybe you’ve decided that your text is just too repetitive, and needs to be restructured so that it doesn’t feel so much like a list of facts.

That’s where we come in! We make it easy for our users to convert between passive and active voices, or even just check their text for repetition. With our tool, all you have to do is paste your text into our editor box, then click “Convert”! It’s that simple! Our passive-to-active converter is powered by our proprietary AI-based technology, which can identify the subject of the sentence, determine whether verbs are in the past tense or present tense, and identify if it’s a noun or pronoun. It also identifies other features of each sentence, such as whether it’s an adverbial clause or prepositional phrase.

We’ve designed our algorithm so that it can handle almost any kind of text, from blog posts to academic papers, from tweets to emails, and create an output that sounds natural and not like something that was just auto-corrected by a computer.

passive to active voice converter tool

How to Define & Identify Active and Passive Voices?

Before using the active voice to passive voice converter online, we should know what exactly are active and passive voice sentences and how to identify them. One can easily differentiate between the active and passive voice by looking at how the sentence is constructed. For instance, in an active voice, the subject acts upon the verb, which means the subject/noun would come before the verb in the sentence. For eg Mom read the novel in one day. Whereas, in passive voice, the reverse is true. The subject receives the action of the verb. One can easily identify passive voice. For eg, The Novel was read by mom in one day.

Features of The Active Passive Voice Converter Tool

Are you tired of writing in an active voice? Do you find yourself struggling to come up with a way to make the subject of your sentence “the object”? If so, then this is the tool for you!

Convert your sentences from active voice to passive voice online with this free tool. Active and passive voices are two ways to write a sentence, and each has its advantages. The active voice is stronger and more direct, while the passive voice can be more indirect and softer.

The active voice can be used to make a point more forcefully, but it can also sound like you’re blaming someone or something for an action. The passive voice can also be used for emphasis, but it’s usually softer and less direct than the active voice. This converter allows you to convert between active and passive voices in a few easy steps.

If you are writing a paper, you may be worried about whether to use the active voice or the passive voice. This converter will help you decide which is best for your paper. The active voice to passive voice converter online helps you to change your sentences from an active voice into a passive one. We have a lot of different features that allow you to convert your sentences from active voice to passive voice.

You can change verbs from active voice into passive voice, and even change nouns from active to passive. We also have a tool that allows you to check whether or not your sentence is grammatically correct or not.

Writing is something that everyone around the world does at some point in their professions. Students, teachers, content writers, and poets write all their lives. Writing in an active voice is suggested as it is easier to understand and read. You can be more straightforward with active voice sentences.

It is not, however, grammatically incorrect to use passive voice. The Passive to Active Voice Converter Tool Online can help you easily identify and change the sentences into passive voice online in three easy steps. Not only this, the active voice checker tool or the passive voice identifier also enables one to check grammar, punctuation, spelling and other common grammatical errors.  

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Our passive voice converter tool will help you identify and correct the use of passive voice within your content text. 

You can decide whether to use active or passive voice by determining what you want to convey. If your intent is to focus on the doer, then go with passive voice. Whereas, if you want to draw attention to the action, then use an active voice.

Apart from fixing the active or passive voice issues, the passive voice converter too can also identify and fix your grammar, spellings, punctuations, etc. It can also guide you about corrective word choices and text flow.

An easy way to identify the passive voice in the sentence is to take note of the action happening and the doer. If the doer or the person responsible for the action is either omitted or comes after the action, and if you see a past participle straight after the form of “to be, then it is passive voice.

Use the passive to active voice converter tool available online to spot and fix the voice issues in your content. 

Yes, our passive voice converter tool is mobile-friendly and can be easily used on any device.

Since passive voice is just a matter of style, there’s nothing technically wrong with using it. But it is suggested to avoid it by most English guides as it makes sentences difficult to read. Except for the correct usage of active and passive voices, one should also know Basic Grammar Rules to have a good command of the language.

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